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3 Lansdowne
Down Undah
Harambe’s Ghost
Rebellious Monk
Sour Batch Kehd
Wild Blueberry

3 Lansdowne (1)

East Coast IPA, Citra

Abv 7.2%

Bold American style IPA with a soft, sweet tangerine aroma & hints of toasted grain. The taste provides a bright bitterness and punchy citrus with a tropical fruit finish. The hoppiness of this beautifully complex beer doesn’t mask other notes.

Down Undah (2)

Pale Ale, Australian – American Style

Abv 5.6%
This Pale Ale is like no other on this continent!

Featuring Australian Galaxy hops married with American hops, this brew gives a piney, light, floral scent which carries through in the taste. Malt character with a smooth, savory finish is only achieved through the perfect balance.

Harambe’s Ghost (3)

Double IPA

Abv 8.4%

This brew is a big, robust deep amber IPA with a distinctive white, rocky head. Hops, citrus, malt, pine, caramel and sweet malt backbone provide for a beautiful balance that finishes with lingering bitterness and citrus.

Rebellious Monk (4)


Abv 6.0%

Deep black in color. Roasted malt, coffee and dark chocolate flavors with subtle hop profile and creamy finish.

Sour Batch Kehd (5)

Raspberry Berliner Weisse

ABV 4.6%

Light in body, sour tartness upfront with a raspberry candy finish.

Wild Blueberry (6)

Blueberry Wheat

Abv 5.4%

This is about as refreshing as beer gets with this seasonal brew. A light golden beer with a blueberry aroma & hint of lemon. Slightly sweet, dry and light in body, the Wild Blueberry is refreshing on the palate with a light roast and lingering blueberry finish.

Brewed On Site

Brian Watson has been brewing the highest quality products for decades and is one of the most highly respected and celebrated BrewMasters on the planet. As a globally respected BrewMaster, Brian has won more than 100 international medals and set up breweries in North America, China, the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Jason McCloud is our on site Brewery Manager. Jason’s passion for craft beer developed while working at a liquor store. He continues to research and learn more about the history of craft beer, the brewing process and where the future of craft beer is headed. He loves what he does and is ready to help create one of a kind brews for Cheeky Monkey.

Brian brings his world renowned brews to Boston with the collaboration of Jason and our team using local ingredients and area trends. The end result is a world class beer made right on Lansdowne Street.