Behind the Beer: An Inside Look at Cheeky Monkey’s Classic Brews

September 27, 2018

Every week or so we introduce a new beer, but we always keep our classics on tap. Each of our beers are unique and set themselves apart from the typical brews found at the bar. Our fantastic five: Harambe’s Ghost, Rebellious Monk, Wild Blueberry, 3 Lansdowne, and Down Undah all fill out our starting line-up. Where do these names come from and what is in each beer?  We breaking down each brew and giving you a brief overview.

Harambe’s Ghost

Inspired by the late Harambe, who embodied strength and power, this brew is our house Double IPA. Yes, Double IPA so the ABV amounts to 8.4%. Harambe’s Ghost is a deep amber IPA with a distinctive white, rocky head. It includes hops, citrus, malt, pine, caramel, and finishes with a lingering bitterness and citrus.

Rebellious Monk

Our house stout includes a roasted malt, coffee and dark chocolate flavors with a subtle hop profile and creamy finish. This stout finishes off with an ABV of 6% and resembles the color of a King Monkey. Rebel against your favorite brew and try the Rebellious Monk.

Wild Blueberry

One of the house favorites, Wild Blueberry is our refreshing seasonal brew that’s here all year long. It is a light golden beer with a blueberry aroma & a hint of lemon. It is slightly sweet, dry and light in body. This brew is absolutely refreshing and finishes with a blueberry and light roast.

3 Lansdowne

Everyone’s favorite IPA, 3 Lansdowne is an East Coast IPA with a soft, sweet tangerine aroma and hints of toasted grain. The taste provides a bright bitterness and punchy citrus with a tropical fruit finish. There is a little bit of hop, but it does not take away from the fruity flavors.  Inspired by our home on 3 Lansdowne Street, sipping on this beer reminds us of our home sweet home.

Down Undah
A twist on an Australian Pale Ale, Down Undah is a combination of Australian Galaxy hops and American hops resulting in a piney, light, and floral scent and taste. The malt character is perfected with a smooth and savory finish. You can’t find this brew in the outback, but you can at Cheeky Monkey.

Now that you mastered all you need to know about Cheeky Monkey’s home-brews come in and test your knowledge and tell us your favorite!


Thumbnail Photo Credit – Joey Calcavecchia

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