Billiards 101: A Refresher

July 31, 2018

Our game room is one of our favorite spots in Cheeky Monkey. There’s nothing like grabbing a delicious beer, hanging out with friends and playing games. To help you out next time you’re on the billiards tables, we’ve compiled a few tips that will ramp up your skills.


Choosing the right cue: Don’t choose just one, choose a few! Test them out to make sure they work for you. If they don’t you have a few others to choose from. The perfect one should be sturdy in your hands and feel comfortable when holding it. Make sure the cue you choose has a good tip.


Understand the basics: Like most things, there are basics and you should master those before you move on to the harder things. Things even as little as your stance, can make all the difference in succeeding in the game.


Use some basic Math and Physics skills: Believe it or not, in order to maximize your success at this game, using some basic math and physics principles will really be beneficial to you. The best pool players are aware of these skills and use them to their advantage.


Practice makes perfect: In order to perfect your skills at playing pool, practice makes perfect. Use what you know and build upon that. Hopefully these few rules will help you get started. Rack up those points!


We hope to see you on the game floor mastering your pool skills! However, the most important rule is to have fun. No game is fun when it gets too competitive. Bring your friends, grab some of our beer & bites and HAVE FUN!

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