What Cheeky Monkey Beer Would You Swipe Right For?

February 1, 2019

It’s the month of love! Discover more about Cheeky Monkey’s brews to find your perfect match! Can’t pick just one? Grab a flight next time you’re at Cheeky Monkey to try a sampling of them all.


Harambe’s Ghost, Double IPA

            A strong, robust Double IPA with a sturdy physique. With hops, caramel and a sweet malt backbone, Harambe’s Ghost has a surprise sweet & sensitive side. Don’t worry, you’ll be kept on your toes with a lingering bitterness and citrus finish.


Rebellious Monk, Stout

            You always need a rebel in the mix and our Rebellious Monk is just that. With its deep black color, coffee and dark chocolate flavors, be a little rebellious and enjoy the dark side. The subtle hop and creamy finish will be sure to make you grateful for joining the other side.


Wild Blueberry, Blueberry Wheat

Be free and show your wild side with our Wild Blueberry beer. Enjoy the refreshing side of life with our seasonal brew on tap all year long. Escape the New England cold and take an adventure with this light in body brew. You’re in for a sweet treat with this one.


Down Undah Pale Ale, Australian

            We know you love a good accent and Down Undah has one. This Pale Ale features Australian Galaxy hops married with American hops that leaves a piney, light floral scent. No need for a divorce, these two hops are a perfect match as it has a smooth, savory finish. It wouldn’t be bad to enjoy in the outback, ay?


3 Lansdowne, East Coast IPA Citra

Don’t let this Bold American IPA fool you. 3 Lansdowne may have a slight punchy bitter side, but you’ll quickly see the sweet side in this brew. A soft style with a sweet tangerine aroma and hints of grain leads to a tropical fruit finish. You’ll want to keep coming back for this East Coast IPA.



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