Cheeky Monkey Brewer Spotlight: Jason McCloud

February 28, 2019

We interviewed brewers from all over the country during our Master Brewers Series and now we’re revealing the brewer behind our own beer. We sat down with our Brewery Manager Jason McCloud to learn more about his passion for beer – you may have seen him in our TV Commercial.

Jason’s thirst for beer began when he started working at a local liquor store. He took it upon himself to expand his knowledge by learning about the different beers and liquors the store carried. With over 300 beers carried in the store, Jason quickly learned everything there was to know about craft beer. This number increased to over 500 as he became a manager at the store. He studied every aspect of beer, not only the differences amongst the various styles, but also the process. In 2017, Jason joined the Cheeky Monkey team and became the master creator behind all of our house brewed craft beers.

At Cheeky Monkey, Jason not only brews our four classic beers but also has created well over 50 specialty brews. Specialty brews rotate on tap weekly until they are gone. These beers have ranged from a classic New England IPA to a daring Bubblegum IPA and Moscow Mule beer.

When deciding on a new brew, Jason stated that it depends on what flavors will best complement each other and the base beer. He finds that the flavor profile to the hops is similar to that of the added in flavors. It’s a science when it comes down to it and we think Jason has it perfected.

So what’s next? Right now, Jason is experimenting with different brews. Including a chocolate peanut butter stout and a brew inspired by a popular caramel cookie. Keep any eye out on our Instagram to see when these brews will be tapped!

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