Cheeky Monkey Brewer Spotlight: Chris Figueroa

August 29, 2019

It takes two to make a good brew! Along with our brewer Jason, his assistant, Chris is the man behind some of our specialty beers at Cheeky Monkey. With almost ten years of experience, Chris knows a few things about the industry and beer.

Starting off as a busser, Chris made his way to Bar Manager at a local restaurant where his passion for beer began. His interest grew further as he started to home brew beers in his free time. This allowed him to learn about the process of brewing all types of beer. With this experience Chris joined a brewery, specializing in New England IPAs. After wanting a change of scenery, Chris joined the Cheeky Monkey team as Production Brewer. Chris excels in making specialty batches and often mixes up crazy ingredients to make a unique, yet delicious brew.

What flavors has Chris created? His specialty brews vary from a Strawberry Milkshake IPA to Mango Habanero Pale Ale. At home, the wildest flavor he’s made is a cricket lager where he boiled crickets and added them to the end of the brewing process. The beer had a dry hop feel and an earthy finish. In the future he hopes to make an onion beer with a sweet finish and a flower beer made with hibiscus.

What should you watch out for from Cheeky Monkey in the future? Chris says we will have a lot of new specialty beers on tap this fall. These include a pumpkin ale (of course), peanut butter chocolate stout, and possibly a cotton candy brew.

During your next trip to Cheeky Monkey, he recommends when trying Down Undah, our Australian-American Pale Ale. Stop in and give it a try!

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