Discover: Different Craft Beer Styles

June 29, 2018

Here at Cheeky Monkey, we take our beer very seriously. We brew our own craft beer in house and enjoy making all different styles of beer for our guests. What are some of the different beer styles we brew & how are they different from one another? Find out below!


India Pale Ale (IPA): IPA’s are very popular right now, but are definitely not for everyone. They have a floral, fruity citrus, piney character. This style is all about the hops and may have a bitter taste.

What to Try: Cheeky Monkey’s Lansdowne #3, East Coast IPA


Pale Ale: Pale Ales are another common style with roots from Europe. These beers are filled with rich flavors, colorful aromas and hops. Pale ales have a malt character with a smooth finish. This brew will pair well with an array of different foods.

What to Try: Cheeky Monkey’s Down Undah, Australian, American Style Pale Ale


American Wheat: This style is very versatile and the least intimidating out of craft beers. These brews are light, clean, crisp and very flavorful. In fact, they are the perfect drink for hot summer day!

What to Try: Cheeky Monkey’s Wild Blueberry, Wheat


Stout: Stouts are dark in color and very rich in flavor. Most commonly enjoyed in the colder months. This style has dark roasted malt and hops. Sometimes featuring hints of chocolate and coffee.

What to Try: Cheeky Monkey’s Rebellious Monk, Stout


This is just a glimpse into all of the craft beer styles out there. What’s your favorite style? Come visit us at Cheeky Monkey to try a couple of them. Plus check out our specialty brews which are always changing!

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