Glassware & Beer

August 16, 2017

Glassware not only makes the beer look good, but it’s also a key part to enjoying different types of beer the right way. We’re breaking down the different kinds of glassware that are out there. Serve your next beer in the perfect glass, learn more below!


Pint Glasses

These are the most commonly used glasses in the United States. Every major brand beer will ideally be served in their logo glasses. This glass has a wide top and slightly narrows down towards the bottom of the glass. The average size is 16 oz. and usually holds ales, IPAs, stouts and lager.


Beer Mugs

These popular glasses are heavy duty and hold a lot of beer. They are common in England, Germany and the United States. These glasses are cylinder in shape and feature a thick handle – convenient for easy holding. The design keeps your hands from touching the glass and warming the beer.



Goblets may come off as extravagant or regal. Benefits of this glass – it’s guaranteed to make your beer look good. The glass is designed to maintain the foam head and allow you to enjoy the overall flavor profile and aroma. They are great choices for heavy, malty beers.

Pilsner Glasses

This tall slender glass resembles a trumpet shape. This glassware holds slightly less than the average pint glass. The sleek design showcases the beers color and clarity while the wider top retains the foam head of the beer.



Commonly used for brandy and cognac, these glasses are perfect for the consumption of stronger, robust ales. Swirl the beer, activate the volatiles to help the full aroma of the brew come out. This beer glass is typically used for brews such as Double or Imperial IPAs.


Weizen Glasses

Weizen glasses were made to showcase wheat beer. These glasses are produced to take on volume and foam head with the curved lip at the top of the glass. You can appreciate the full aroma and flavor of the wheat beer when sipping out of this glass.


Tulip & Thistle Glasses

Tulip glasses take after the shape of the flower, hence the name. The Thistle glass is a very similar in design. The name comes from Scotland’s national flower.



These smaller glasses are ideal for tasting the array of beers breweries create. Glasses can range from 2.5 Oz to 6 oz. They are purposely designed for you to sample brews. You can sample different styles before committing to a full pint.

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