A Glimpse Into the History of Zoltar

October 1, 2019

Curious about your future? Ask Zoltar! Our own fortune teller resides in our Tap Room and for only $1 you can see a glimpse into your future. There is more to this fortune teller then you would think. Check out these fun facts to learn more about Zoltar!

  1. 1867 is the earliest history of the fortune telling machine, found at local fairs in England. To get their fortunes from the machine, customers would pay one sent and receive a printed fortune. It wasn’t until 1891 when these machines became popular with the release of “Donkey Wonder” and “Elephant Wonder”. They represented the two political parties in the United States in 1891. These machines began the popularity and eventually adapted into mechanic fortunetellers like Zoltar.
  2. Zoltar made its big screen debut in the 1988 film “Big” starring Tom Hanks. In the movie, a young boy visits an amusement park and stumbles upon a fortune telling machine and wishes to be “big”.
  3. Have you heard of Zoltan? This is another version of the popular fortune telling machine! This fortune teller verbally tells you your fortune based off of your zodiac sign. The fortune tells you lucky numbers, about your future and favorable colors.

Want to meet Zoltar yourself and hear his predictions? Visit us at Cheeky Monkey! Grab a beer, play some games and hear about your future!

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