This is Why You Should Host Your Next Event at a Brewery

August 1, 2019

Breweries have been popping up all over the nation over that last couple of years. Just in Massachusetts there are over 180 operating breweries! Each one a little different than the other, but they have the same goal. Create great beer and provide spaces for guests to drink, eat, hang out and play games. These breweries offer the perfect space to host a party! Here are three reasons why you should host your next event at a brewery.

Events of All Sizes

Breweries can be ideal for larger or smaller events. Gathering of 10 people? Take over the breweries tap room, you may only need a table or two. Corporate party of over 100? Breweries can accommodate those too – usually in the larger rooms where brewery equipment is on display.


Add some fun to your event! Breweries have activities in their space that will allow guests to start friendly competitions with each other or coworkers. Games can be table top versions, like Jenga or cards, or larger games including ping pong or billiards. Other activities can include private beer tastings with the brewery staff. Staff can walk guests through the different brews, explaining the process and taste of each beer.


Breweries are an open canvas that let you customize the event to your liking! Work with Event Coordinators to set up the space with specific decorations, pick the menu items and more! Want to bring in a photo booth for guests? You can do that!


At Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co, our Event Coordinators work with you to plan and host your perfect event. Our venue can accommodate parties from 8 to 500. Guests will enjoy house-brewed craft beer, cross-cultural street food, billiards, ping pong, shuffleboard, a cheeky vibe and eclectic décor. Plus customize the event to include signature drinks, photo booths and more!

To learn more about hosting an event at Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co. click here.

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