Master Brewers Series Spotlight: Melvin Brewing

November 14, 2018

Another week, another top craft brewer at Cheeky Monkey! After a sampling the delicious beer made by Melvin Brewing, we sat down with head brewer Dave Chichura to get the low-down on everything about the brewery.

To start, Chichura shared his story on how he got into the craft beer industry. College was not for him, but the one thing that Chichura knew he was passionate about was beer. He began as a beer enthusiast which led into home brewing. Now, twenty-two years later Chichura is the Head Brewer for Melvin Brewing located in Alpine, Wyoming.

Not only did he share how he started in the industry, but his also favorite beer that he brewed. A dry hop ale, the Hubert Pale Ale is his all-time favorite and what he called “the best beer”. He described Melvin’s beer as a hop-forward beer. At the brewery they emphasize the importance of not only flavor, but also the aroma of the beer.

Melvin not only makes great beer, but they also give back to their community. Melvin has partnered with R.I.P Medical Debt where they set a goal to help aid those in need of medical debt relief. Their beer Your IPA, which features a subtle caramel base with hints of citrus rind and spice completed by a classic smooth Melvin finish, not only is delicious, but also gives back. Two percent of all proceeds from Your IPA are donated to R.I.P Medical Debt. Melvin continues to work with the organization to give back to the many communities they serve.

Melvin’s connection to the community continues with their support of local artists. The artwork featured on their cans and bottles is created by a local Jackson, Wyoming artist, Kelly Halpin. Each can label features a one-of-a-kind design unique to the name of the brew.

Thank you once again to Melvin Brewing and brewer Dave Chichura for joining us in our second installment of the Master Brewer Series. Don’t forget to join us for the next installment this month!

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