Master Brewers Series Spotlight: Toppling Goliath

November 27, 2018

The third installment of the Master Brewer Series was an immense success! Toppling Goliath located in Decorah, Iowa visited Cheeky Monkey with their founder Clark Lewey and Head BrewMaster Mike Saboe. We sat down with them to learn about how they got involved in the industry.

Both have two different stories as to how they got involved in the industry, but it was all driven for their love of beer. Founder Clark Lewey had a newfound love for craft beer and found that in the town’s liquor stores there weren’t enough choices. He began driving an hour to go to liquor stores that carried those beers. Lewey decided that he could no longer travel the distance and began brewing his own beer. That lead to the creation of Toppling Goliath. Mike spent a couple summers in Germany and was fascinated by the process of beer making. When he returned to the United States, Saboe began brewing his own beer which ultimately led him to what he’s doing today.

Toppling Goliath’s main focus is to make beers that aren’t as common. They describe their own beer as “edgy” and want to push the boundaries of craft beer flavors. Six of Toppling Goliath’s brews were on tap at Cheeky Monkey and they were also absolutely delicious. Their brews have helped them become successful in the craft beer industry, but their success really started within their community.

The community of Decorah, Iowa helped the brewery grow and expand their market. Lewey and Mike Saboe stated that their company was able to grow and expand due to the community drinking their beer and telling their friends and family across the country about Toppling Goliath.

Are you interested in starting your own brewery? Lewey and Saboe gave us insight on what you will need, “patience, persistence, passion and capital”.

Join us on Thursday, November 29th for the last Master Brewers Series event with Zero Gravity Craft Brewery. Co-Founder and BrewMaster, Matt Wilson, will be here with seven Zero Gravity brews on tap!

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