Ping Pong: Everything You Need To Know

May 31, 2019

Not everyone is Forrest Gump when it comes to Ping Pong. It’s not just volleying a ball back and forth, it takes some skill. Below is a list of tips and basic rules to ramp up your ping pong game.

– Ping Pong can be played between two or four players. The players must allow the ball to hit once on the table before returning it back to the other player. In order to score point, a player must fail to return the ball within the rule.

– This game is fast and requires quick reactions.

– Always maintain a ready position that allows your body to move instantly in any direction. As ping pong is a fast paced game, it is best to stand in a position that will allow you to move.

–  Keep your returns low over the net. The lower you place your shot the harder it is for your opponent to return the ball.

–  Practice, practice, practice! Stay on top of your game and practice as much as you can so you can become a master of ping pong. Luckily for you Cheeky Monkey is open 7 days a week and has multiple ping pong tables you can practice on!

After reading these helpful your skill will definitely improve. In no time you will become the next ping pong champion!

P.S. This game is 10x more fun when you are enjoying a Cheeky Monkey brew (or two)!

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