Shuffleboard 101

November 7, 2017

Shuffleboard has been around for hundreds of years, but isn’t as common as one might think. Here at Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co., we’re very excited to offer shuffleboard in our game room, but because of the uncommon factor of it, we want to help you out with a quick tutorial on how to play. Show off your skills next time you’re at Cheeky Monkey!

The Rules of Shuffleboard:
  • There are 8 pucks, 4 red & 4 blue, each player gets a set of colored pucks.
  • You and your opponent will take turns sliding these pucks to the other end of the shuffleboard table.
  • The objective of the game is to try to get your puck to stop on the highest scoring area without it falling off the end of the board.
    • There are zones you want to get your puck in, zone 1, 2 & 3. Zone 3 being the furthest down the table.
  • To gain points, the team with a puck the furthest down the table wins that round and gets to tally points. To determine points, count each puck that is in front of your opponents leading puck. For example, if your opponent only has one puck in Zone 1, but you have 2 pucks in Zone 2 and 3 then the score is 5.
  • You can pick what you play to! Most games go to 15 or 21 points.
  • The objective is to out distance your opponent (to have your pucks the furthest on the board) or knock your opponents pucks off the board, leaving only yours.
Key pointers to take away:
  • Make sure you get your puck the farthest down the board.
  • Try to bump your opponent’s pucks off the table.
  • Try to block your farthest puck by placing your other pucks in front of it to guarantee points.

So now you understand the basic rules, come in, grab a freshly brewed beer and play with us!

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