The Summer of Sour Brews

June 27, 2019

First it’s sour…then it’s sour. If you’re a fan of the sweet, but tart taste of sour beers, you’ll love the sour brews Cheeky Monkey has been making!

Cheeky Monkey’s limited edition sour brews have featured Pineapple Raspberry, Guava Raspberry,  Blood Orange Raspberry, Watermelon Raspberry, Passion Fruit Raspberry and more! All of these beers feature flavors complementary to the base of the Raspberry sour.

What goes into making these brews? Sour beer is brewed to have an intentional acidic, tart or sour taste. These beers are made by allowing wild yeast strains into the brew. Due to the use of the wild yeast, the process is extremely unpredictable and there is a sense of uncertainty in the brewing process.

What’s ‘tap’ening now? Cheeky Monkey is excited to introduce, Sour Batch Kehd to our base house-brewed beers! This Raspberry Berliner Weisse is light in body, with a raspberry candy finish and a sour tartness upfront. This brew’s name is inspired by a favorite candy with a Boston spin.

Sour Batch Kehd joins Down Undah (Pale Ale), 3 Lansdowne (East Coast IPA), Wild Blueberry (Wheat Ale), Harambe’s Ghost (Double IPA) and Rebellious Monk (Stout) on the Cheeky Monkey tap handles.

Stop in and enjoy our summer of sours! For more information for what’s on tap check out our Facebook and Instagram page or hashtag #WhatsOnTapWednesday to see what’s currently on tap.

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